martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

INNOCENCE IS RELEASING NEW SINGLE "Pie Jesu" (a Christmas Special)

We are happy to announce that Innocence will soon release her newest single, a Christmas Special. The song is calles "Pie Jesu", a beautiful duet sung in latin by Innocence with Oliver Bartek who is only 10 years old. Single will be released on December 6th and will be available for purchase through iTunes.

SRC. ES27A110001
Title Pie Jesu


Duet interpreted by
INNOCENCE and Oliver Bartek

"Requiem" by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Executive Production for Especatculos Tercer Milenio done by Carlos Marin/Alberto Quintero

Mixes and Musical Arrangements by
Alberto Quintero (Tonopro)

Musical Directors
Alberto Quintero/Carlos Marin

Recorded at PKO Studios in Madrid (Spain)

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